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another 3 months.

May 19, 2009

was penning my break resolutions in my head. reading GTD is making me determined to just straighten my life out.

1. do the urgent things like finish my study plan (almost 5 months overdue) and my treatment.
2. and if my treatment is successfully done, then i’ll have to write the script.
3. clear up my table, my room, the toilet, the living room and if i have some more time, the kitchen too.
4. start a proper processing system as suggested in GTD.

i realised i just had the least oriented 6months of my whole life. im eating at weird times, have 6-month break between chances i get to exercise, my room is in a mess, my head is in a mess and i dont know what i am doing in studios.

so i really want a week to straighten everything out, but till now i have not found that full one week and studios stuff is getting heavier, together with sports camp stuff and the internship which i want to apply to.

okay. back to what im wasting so much time on now. black and white [痞子英雄]. i know of this from eunice and trust i was as reluctant as you to watch the drama when i heard of the title. it is a drama with such high production value. i was really hooked while watching it yesterday but i didnt know how to tell others abt this drama. once i say “taiwanese drama”, half of them wont bother to listen anymore, and “zai zai” will shoo the other half away. ya. watch if u want la. hah.

hai. but now i am just very bored.

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