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In the southern province of China..

May 24, 2009



There was a general. The general was the son of the previous brave general and thus many have believed that the general will do well too. So after the general grew up, he took over his father and had to looked over a large army.

one day there was news that the army from the neighbouring country wanted to attack them. the general panicked as he had not gone into a war before, he got all his wise people to discuss what to do. late at night when all his wise men were ready to go to bed, the general sent an order for all to gather to discuss strategy. the wise men followed the order, once, twice and after many times, they were tired by all the sudden orders for meeting.

the general was unsure as to how to attack the neighbouring country and often listened to the old generals. he did not think through the ideas that were offered to him but took all that came as he felt that since his father had believed in them, their ideas should never go wrong. the general was often clueless as to what to do, and had no strong take towards any strategy. the general did not come out with any strategy, he just took them as he heard of them.

to prepare for the war. the general often held training sessions with the army. they were made to move things, to run away and everyone was busy. but no one know why they were so busy as often they did not see the results of their hard work. they had no aim and could not provide the better solution as to what they were doing.

but the general would get anxious quickly. whenever he got anxious, he would sent an order to his army to check the current situation. once he wanted the army to make a new batch of arrows. on the first night the general asked on the situation, the army replied that they are searching the bamboo. while searching for bamboo the next day, the general asked again. soon the asking got more and more frequent and the army spent more time answering the general then working. the productivity was low.

however as new problem came up, the general became more involved in the new problem and the making of arrow slowed down as the soldiers were all worn out from the rush at first and also to answer the general. in the end they could only finish making the arrows after the initial stated date.

however, the general, who is not a fan of GTD, got anxious easily. however the general could not find an effective way to vent his anxiousness. often he will sit in his office and ask ‘why’ and not doing much.

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