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the thunder’s kind of loud..

May 30, 2009

but the rain.. we still have to see.

it’s the third episode into The Ultimatum, but im still not getting what’s the story abt. i will watch halfway and when someone says ‘dont pester songnian!’ and i will go ‘eh. who is songnian?’ haha. so many characters. though the drama’s quite pleasant on the eye, no pink colour hdb flats walls obviously propped up in studios, the ye’s mansion looks kind of fake, and it looks so much like the one in the mooncake show. but ah, i will just ignore it.

there are 2 surprises for me though, one from keke as the young fann wong. i wasnt really watching ep2 and then halfway through my dad went ‘hey. your ‘coco’ on tv!!’ although her role is more similar to the one in metamorphosis as the young ruien, which is the one who gets abused la. hai. but ya keke!! haha. and she’s on the museum show too, with mark lee and vivian lai.

another is the insert song 不死心還在, the power station only version. it’s nice to have power station sing theme/insert songs for local dramas. it was great back then with the 出路 还隐隐作痛 and 那就這樣吧. i liked this song when i first heard the 信樂團 and power station version. it has this beyond feeling to it and i was sort of standing on 信樂團’s side after ah shin left them to go solo.

and like metamorphosis, ultimatum has expensive calefares. sde friend as the dead son, my favourite local bosco wong as the abusive husband who appears no more than 10sec and also Zhang Wen Xiang as some random kidnapper. but my favourite is still metamorphosis’ hong guo rui who appeared less than 5sec and dead without uttering a single line. hahahaa. good.

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