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June 8, 2009

spending more time on fb nowadays. maybe because i finally understand why everyone else were on fb.

was commenting to my sister that ya it is really when in primary school you get to meet all kinds of people, tall short fat thin. one classmate of mine was so small, his skin and lips always peeling. and now i see him on fb, skin not peeling, healthy and doing things, that feeling is just so.. good. haha.

the class bullies now look friendly, the smart ones are still as smart

and one went to manhunt.

the first episode is done. with lots of hard work from kenny and me. haha. it was fun la, esp when it comes to imitating nelson.

i want to learn how to play the drums. i want to go to 纵贯线’s concert. the new jolin song sounds nice. the sodagreen mv with 小馬 is out. mr brain is kind of bad. my friend who got abducted by aliens is still in mars. and i will be out to get my xyz tmr.

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