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張芸京 & 青峰

June 10, 2009

my sister was commenting last night that 張芸京 sounds a lot like 青峰. i dont really like 張芸京’s voice (haha. all her fans are going to hate me) but this song sounds surprisingly good with her singing instead of angela chang.

anw why i dont like 張芸京’s voice. dont u think she seems to be constantly pushing her voice down no matter when she is singing or talking. doesnt she realise that though it might seem cool, she is restricting herself as to the range she can sing. and it sounds really 不酥湖.

like how all good things come in three. eunice was commenting the other day that she too was mesmerized by 青峰’s voice. but she heard it on tv, so the quality is much better than on youtube. hai. okay i feel like buying their concert dvd.

from the same countdown:

蘇打綠 廣東話版小情歌
蘇打綠 無與倫比的美麗

anw, my long awaited iphone os 3.0 is going to be out on 17june. had always wanted to get the ipod touch but as a smart consumer, i wanted to wait for the os 3.0 to be out before i buy so that i dont have to pay 10bucks for the upgrade. haha. which was when i realised there’s not going to be macbook anymore, but now apple is only offering macbook pro. they have the new one in 13inch and as a university student u get to get a free ipod touch when you buy the macbook pro. hai. this is so tempting. okay as always. if i win toto this wk, i will go and buy the macbook pro. hahahahaa.

tgt with the new macbook pro thing, iphone 3G S was also out. but har. too bad im not singtel user. cannot use cannot use.

and the new psp go is going to be out. which looks hideous by the way. haha.

but now i am only waiting for google wave. faster come out!!

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