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we just took over fb.

July 5, 2009

while the bunch of us stayed at home, fb suddenly became our medium of communication. and i dont know why my sister’s suddenly into radio and im suddenly very updated in terms of chinese songs because i too am listening to the same radio.

fb is succeeding as the close-but-not-so-close medium of communication, maybe good for a bunch of people who knew each other through camps. i’ve always thought, though sadly, friendships forged during camps are like firework, beautiful but short-lived. hai. but that’s just the nature of camps.

wanted to go out and maybe run in the evening but laotian didnt want me to. and so i ended up clearing the newspaper pile that was sitting in the corner of my room.

okay i know i have tons of serious business to do. but i am still in camp mood. after bathing. i promise!

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