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To me.

July 28, 2009

the lyrics is obiang. so what. haha. nice wah. haha.

i didnt know what i was doing the last 3 months. chasing deadlines after deadlines. finally, and it dawn on me on the ride back home that yes it has all ended. finish. owari. and okay it feels kind of lonely. haha. but finally a time for me to talk to myself.

emotion is the most impt one thing to artist and i have realised that i am almost emotionless. no i am not bored, i am not tired, i just feel nth. i dont know whether i should be proud of myself, but i have trained myself so much i am no longer holding my emotions, they are just totally non-existence.

the ride home was a happy one for me. or at least i know i still have that teeny weeny bit of emotions. i am going to miss the bunch of them. so much. that i am shocked by myself.

i love talking to people. knowing what they are feeling and why so. and tgt with all the myriads of emotions i have experienced myself, i really thought nothing will ever thrill me. desensitized see. and films are the only things that can make me feel human.

yes now i remember. that i have never felt so during graduations or anything similar. now i know how it feels. samishii na. but at the same time i am just so happy.

i have still a huge mountain of things that are waiting for me. but at least i guess for tonight, i shall devote some time for myself. and the people around me. matric fair and stupid CORS, tmr then see.

and yes keep to yourself see, always appearing offline see, always ignored see; you are smart, you are deep, your Q on your forehead face the outside world, so it’s time to share some love on this see too. cue Eason’s 新美人主义. i love you see.

forget everything everything. these 3 months are all but a dream. a good one, packed like an emotional roller coaster. but well, it’s time to move on. Bhutan is still waiting for me and the world for me to save. haha.

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