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August 10, 2009

in case you didnt know, i have a great fear for sunday nights or anything that reminds me that fun is going to be over. while i adore fridays(that is why i have that ‘is it friday’ ap on my desktop). and today happens to be those days that i detest. urgh. why why why.

not that i am not looking forward to school. in fact i am. because at least i feel like i have an aim in life during sem time and strangely become a little more efficient and procrastinate a little lesser.

and this has to be the sem which i have the best time table. no 8AMs. no 5-hour breaks and no 10-hour days. i still do not have a free day. but at least the lessons are spread out in this comfortable manner and provides enough free time in case i have project meetings or studios stuff.

was looking at the ivle page for laj1201. week3 hiragana quiz and week4 katakana quiz. siao. haha. thank goodness i know my hiraganas. but katakana.. hai. 習字here i come.

i dont know why but i am behaving more and more like a kancheong spider. why ah. for a good half of my life i have been living with no plan in life and does not feel stressed over anything. why. ue. damn sian.

just pasted these 4 pieces of A3 paper on my wall. of course to write down stuff on emcc and studios and school stuff that have been clotting my brain. and of course a list of things that i want to do:

learn softball
learn jazz drums
buy the long overdue ipod touch
buy dslr
finish the script
get tuition

some of which i have been talking about since the beginning of time. and also some new ones (yay like learn softball which i think is not too probable).

been watching red nose teacher. nice. it has to be the best this season. but the ratings are just so so. everyone is still watching the nhk ping ping piang piang period drama. watch if u are bored, ditch the buzzer beat la. it has a nice theme song only.

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