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August 19, 2009

Leo loves mayday who loves mr children. we love them all. mayday concert coming and i still do not have money. haha. but they promised to sing till 12. damn so wasted if i dont go.

when i listen to songs im those who will keep listening to a certain few over and over again till im sick then i’ll move on to the nxt new bunch of even newer songs. like how my dad will keep eating this certain food intensely and once he is sick, he gets addicted to another. currently it is kiwi. and i hate kiwi. hahahaa.

have stopped listening to mr children for a while because i was too sick of them after listening to them intensely for a few months. and accidentally listening to tomorrow never knows this afternoon, i realise how addictive it still is.

and of course tabidachi no uta which started my listening to them. the live version is a song which u will crave for when u feel damn sian.

and watching circus action only make me start to listening to mayday again. i listened to them when i was like sec3 like that. and got sick of them. but leo just makes u realise that they still have good music and just that we overlook them.

約翰藍儂 [john lennon] and also 嘿 我要走了 plus the one above, 3 found good songs from them. of course with their classic 擁抱 and 純真 and 志明與春嬌.

and if u ask me what genre of music i like, it is this rock la. alternative rock. soft rock. pop rock. not the boom boom boom rocker type of rock.

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