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August 23, 2009

hello hello. haha. yish the fickle minded one has moved here. together with starting a tumblr account so that everyone can stop complaining that i only link on my blog and writes nth. so this place is the place i write, and tumblr to post link la. and of course there is twitter and facebook. and flickr which i have not used for a long long time. and my wretch closed down after the revamp, too bad. haha. maybe i will be tempted to start one again when i am in tw.

so the topic for this post is on this person. haha. someone i have not seen for a long long time. not that i know that person personally and that person should not even know my existence. but it gets strangely strange to see someone you thought have disappeared from the surface of the earth and possibly migrated to mars.

this person is also someone i hate. how can someone do drama, is in the swim team and at the time be part of a band. irritating over-achivers. and now even hosting. damn.

removed most of the posters on my wall now. it’s now replaced with 4 A3 papers with things that i should do soon. but i kept some on. the mayday 2003 concert poster [which my dad painstakingly got for us], a christmas carol’s poster and camelot poster. haha. [i am curious,is the girl in the new maybank ad shu an?] so ya. err. irritating.

did a facebook search [haha i am such a stalker] and realise this person is in smu. woo. so this person is still alive. and perhaps the only highlight for me yesterday. and to remind myself that i need to bring my ic out when im out. the second time already la. damn sian.

anw. have anyone been watching kkseet series? the one edited painstakingly by kenny and me. haha. it’s in it’s 8th episode now. i recommend the episode with loretta chen [and has the highest viewership but most likely going to be taken by the yann yann episode that is going to be out soon.]

and also the emcc event. yes we have an emcc event coming up.


and this time round we really reallly need YOU to come down for the event. we need to get 400 people. though i am not the director of any of the films, i am not going to appear on stage, but this is one event i follow through all the way from the start till the end. i have really put in effort for this one so i do hope YOU can come down for the event. do drop me an email/message that you are coming, just to cheer me up la. haha.

date: 2 Sep
time: 7.30pm doors open
venue: UCC theatre (the one beside the one where the rally is held)

CASHLESS is one of the films that is going to be screened. the event will be good i please come!!

and check out my about page too. above.

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  1. wenqi permalink
    August 24, 2009 11:24 pm

    !!! :O You can import your whole blogger archive over to wordpress??

  2. August 25, 2009 2:20 am

    haha ya. last time it will hang halfway when i am importing. but i guess people complain so it’s okay now!!

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