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August 23, 2009

after 4sems of good luck working with good (at least they are nice) project group mates, finally my luck ran out. okay maybe im judging too early, but the first impression isnt too good. im the only one taking that module so had to find others to form groups.

at first i approached this other guy and formed this 3men[3 strangers] group but somehow the guy wanted to find one more member [it was a 3 or 4 men project group] and so ended up knowing this 5men group which had 1 more person. and though they are like grown men, they are so clingy. have worked with clingy girls before, though not wonderful group mates, i sort of liked them in the end. but clingy guys, yucks. grow up can.

so the 5 of them, afraid to break themselves into groups wanted to break into 2 and 3 men groups and asked us to break into 1 person and 2 person groups to join theirs to get 4men team each. so very very sway-ly, was the 1person group and had to join the 3 clingy men group [and they are so mcp].

the thing is they still think they are oh so cool. esp one that looked a hell lot like nicholas lee [woo under one roof]. u know like how in sec schools, bullies often like to hang out in groups because they feel so insecure alone, yes, the 3 clingy guys are like this. ahhhh. help me.

im hoping they will become better after we communicate. and now the 3 clingy guys want to work in a 8men team. i mean hello. if u have been in a cca u will know how it is difficult to gather a bunch of uni students, let alone 8? crazy. i dont know la. they are just so insecure. i hope they will accept my ideas and not appear so mcp.

and the suai thing is. the better guy in that clingy 5guys gang is in the other 4person group with the 2 new group with the 3 clingy guys. how how how. i am so dreading this sem. i dont know. the project constitute 50% of the grade, i am so making sure i get full marks for my final exam.

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