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August 25, 2009

yes i have to admit. after the previous days worrying about my new (possibly bad) project group mates, i decided to just let go, stop panicking cos it’s not going to help anyway. and make the best out of what i have. kkseet stuff taking a break now. chiong-ing emcc now. and heng ah, they approve our ticket-lookalike flyer. woo!! maybe i am liking cfa a little little bit more now. so look out for nuSTUDIOS flashmob in arts soon!! and come for our event if YOU (anyone!!) are reading this. we need you. yes yes.

and now that it is 3rd week of school i am still not putting enough effort into sch. missing halves of lectures, spending more time in studios than engin. hai. not too good. 2001 mini project i should now be coding them already. hai stupid ifg, take up some much of my time. hopefully after tmr settling the jersey part i should be able to rest more. and also to collect definition classification from mda tmr. another early morning! D:

while on the other hand. the japanese1 tutorial which i was fearing. chey. it’s quite okay. other than my tutorial class (like in a total of 12 people) there are 5 tiongs i guess everything else is okay. the sensei is nice. and the quizzes, at least of now is quite easy for me. some of them are struggling with pronunciation. i guess working hard watching dramas and having a sister who laughs at your bad pronunciation does help. of course japanesepod101. haha.

oh yes. electronic gaming. oh man. it’s like another mkt1003. i am so regretting. it’s impossible to study for it. i mean you just have to argue your way through. and a whole lot of common sense which are not so common sense. no more business modules for me. more arts i hope in next next sem. clear the stupid hr overseas. i want to do science but have exhausted all my UEs and my science gem. maybe uncertainty instead of film art for sem7.

now to remember. i still have a transistor in my pencil case.i hope it’s still alright.

oh yes. today’s uweekly. the gossip column has this story on how mindee ong has become such a diva. wow. and loosely quoting it, yeoyannyann is the humble one. so i guess mindee is really really very very diva-ish. because you know. we know. everybody knows. haha.

bong bong. tie up some loose ends and better sleep soon.

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