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August 27, 2009

wow. smap still looking good eh. haha. and nakai is finally not looking ugly. u know everytime i look at him,im thinking how he got in in the first place. he cant sing and he is short and ugly. not bad la. haha.

now to think of it.u know in j1 tutorial that day our tutor took out a picture of kimura takuya and asked who he is. and guess what. no one could answer that. why. why. why. do kids nowadays not know him. and i am like the 2nd oldest in the class. haha. cos we had to go one round saying our age la. even the guy next to me was 19 (a tiong). hai. there was a law girl who was 22. but woah does she take btc here everyday?

smap has this new pv with Lin Chi-ling. made quite a big hoohaa on wanbao (but then again what do they not make a big hoohaa out of?). watch it here. at 3:30 there is a scene with kimura dancing with her la. haha. finally he can redeem himself that he is really 176. maybe.

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