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August 31, 2009

loosely quoting our favourite GTD author that we can only start working on creative things when we have cleared our mind by finishing all other seemingly-urgent/impt stuff. the problem lies with i have not had that feeling for a long long time. once this thing is done, the next pops up. when are things going to get done? i was still thinking after emcc i will finally have some time to catch up with school work and also my script. but now i realise, there is naf. damn we should have just not do naf.

now i understand why do people go to film school. because their work will be writing scripts and shooting. right? and not patching circuits and writing codes, which is totally sucking my time away. not that i dont like what im learning, in fact i love them. but then again i love patching circuits, i love films, i love basketball, i love aeroplanes… i am not going to have that much time.

and i am going to be 25 soon. i am still not near to my mid term goals like getting an invitation to ndr, to be part of a band.. now i am really contemplating getting a D90 before i go tw. and to shoot there. both still and moving.

but at least i have done all what i made myself do today.

let’s just watch circus. hahahaha. was doing a search on premiere with like fcp and so on. and everyone commented that premiere will be the last they choose because of the lack of tools and the long rendering time. but then again. the last time i know circus does theirs with premiere. so i guess.. can la. hahahaha.

okay to pyscho myself. go bathe. wake up tmr and it will be happy day! because i am finally done with that circuit and can move on to my presentation.

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