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September 6, 2009

i dont know whether it’s because of the module, but i am back to touching my psp now. playing rock band now. and my sister got hooked on too. haha. playing layton (finally an english version for pandora box. my japanese is that bad that i cant get pass puzzle no. 02) on ds while plants vs zombies on pc. haha. i am wasting so much of my time. fuzzy is getting much more difficult and i am lagging behind by 4 lectures? hmm. now. go and study.

circus is not as enjoyable this season. dont know whether it is our high expectations of them or because they know they have a wider viewers base they have to tone down. even those on yt are complaining. or that i am just damn sian. this is those transition period when you know u just finish one big thing. and i know i still have a lot of things waiting for me to do. but because i think i should deserve a short break, i feel guilty of not doing anything but at the same time feel reluctant to do anything. ahhh.

cleaned up my room again yday. and my dust allergy never seem to go away. was packing a new box for the new magazines and i just realise i bought almost an equal number of 8days and iweekly this 3 months. i dont know if it’s because the writers are iweekly are too safe or something, but i am getting really bored with the content.

even the shiny copy of duet lying on the living room sofa is not attractive enough for me.

ahh. tkt i am so bored.

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