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September 8, 2009


recently eddie peng is introduced as the “早就該紅了的彭于晏”. hahahaha. that is kind of sad right. anw ya he has a new film that apparently did quite well and got him famous all over again. haha. there was this period of time when tw films/tv confirm will have roy qiu or duncan or him or who who who. that type one.

so i dont know la. the story sounds normal, very typical tw film (hai but the cape no.7 also did so well) watch the trailer here. maybe i’ll watch it if it is going to appear on tudou soon. hahahaha.

ohh ohh and i finished mcdull, in mandarin though. okay la. i think mcdull is better watched on tv somehow. and with each mcdull movie, it gets harder to understand what the director wants to say. and mcdull is crying a lot more in this movie. i like how normally no matter what happen mcdull will never cry, not because he is strong or what but he just dont understand what’s happening to know that something bad is happening. but this mcdull is a little smarter, and of course a lot less cuter.

and there’s this instrumental 月光光 that keeps playing in the background. yes the one ah de sang on It’s a Small World. haha.

Hear Me
Eddie Peng

now i feel like watching honey and clover.

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