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Little Note.

September 8, 2009


saw this on uweekly just an hour sister was exclaming ‘aiyah. u never see wanbao meh? it’s on wanbao for days!’ ohh. so royston has a new short film. and i am a bigger fan of royston’s shorts than his features. look look. who is starring in his new film? sde friend!

haha. not that i know him. he is my friend’s friend’s friend. haha. and have only met him in sch 3 times. haha. so childish still go and count. not that he is exceptionally handsome but there is something abt him that makes me want to keep looking at him when he act. and not that he acts very well. but his features look local and at the same time dont. u know what i mean? haha. he has this short film face. haha. at least to me la. your story like sai he act i think audience will still want to look at him. i will want to insert him into blue gate crossing but then again he is too old for bgc.

enough of sde friend. i just realise publicity for blood ties is done so well. it’s like everywhere? haha. i was still looking forward to it but after so much bombardment i dont really feel like watching it now. and i have not watched up. ah. maybe tmr my free day just go lot one to watch. if they have. ah. and coco chanel.

was thinking of short films while bathing just now. always is loading on the other tab now because i really want to know what makes audience tear. hmm. hope i can find out this time.

and was at the same time thinking of another short film. it has all elements that make a successful (i never say good) short film. i guess it has everything that is required in the syd field book. a very well done opening. follows the formula of japanese films (intro-funny-touching-happy kind of narrative structure). but yet i think it is just mediocre. 2.5 stars on 8days scale. haha. and how i see it is that it is too done too well against the formula. can see the director(s) spend a lot of time looking at other films, attended film art classes and read enough on screenwriting. but when it fulfills everything on the checklist of how to make a good short film, it makes it not a good short film somehow. too manipulative? i guess i still like films when the writer/director has something to say and they want to say it through films.

this certain short film i feel has too much to say, too manipulative and shots are done too well to feel comfortable. like how i will choose tan hong ming over funeral anytime.

maybe it has to do with the directors themselves? hahahahahaha. maybe they themselves are manipulative people. ahhhhhh.but i guess i am quite lucky that the people i met are at least genuinely happy when they are given help. and that they are genuinely pursuing an interest of theirs and are working hard to achieve something, and not at the expense of others. they have an ideal but at the same time are also working hard for the general good of everyone, not just their own achievement.

so i guess it’s a trade off la. there are some people who are high achievers and some who are better suited as my friends. hahahahaha. i belong to the later can. so old already still no achievement. but i guess to me that is not my priority. i am very lousy at pr, i cant sell myself well. but at least i can say that i treat everyone genuinely and hope the best for everyone.

maybe there is a difference btw people who read little prince over and over again and still love it without knowing why and those who read once and can analyze the text very well. well, i like those who belongs to the former.

心知肚明la. u know who i am saying.

mcdull new movie is out on youtube!! but as u know the country where we get all our pirated stuff speaks mandarin. so mandarin mcdull for u in the mean time. i hope they will get the cantonese version on their hands soon. i am not hoping too much for spore cinemas. and even if they screen, it’s the mandarin version too wah.

ohh ohh and this week’s 8days, no.30 on the annoying list:

Cantonese dramas dubbed in Manadrin.

when will the govt ever get it?

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