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I am not bored. I am just boring.

November 2, 2009

it has come to a time when i spend my sundays watching the newest episode of circus action and the rest of the week watching the old episodes of circus action. and they are the only videos on my ipod. hahahaha. and the thing is i have not finished the old episodes yet, mainly from season1 and the whole of 走唱少年. haha. but their show is a really good stress reliever.

the earlier seasons were done purely by the 4 of them from pre to post. and during the august summer holidays because they had school then. but it has become today where they are outsourcing editing out ah, getting assistants to shoot some parts and done throughout the year. hmm. definitely the quality is getting better but i will rank season 3 my favourite and season 1 and 4 the least. 4 because then they were trying too hard to imitate jackass and 4 because it lacks that attitude they had all along. but still enjoyable.

so last 3 episodes of circus action 4 already. hai. what should i do after that. haha.

benkyoshimasu (hopefully) bye bye.

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  1. wenqi permalink
    November 2, 2009 10:51 am

    Thanks for your link! But OMG it’s an OVERSEAS thing?! Omg. This is damn exciting… But i also feel damn scared HAHA!! Are you applying with friends?

    Wah… :S:S:S And a month’s stay in Shanghai!! Omg.

    I will sheng zhong kao lv… Hahaha this thing is much “bigger” than anything else i’ve done!! :O

    Thanks for telling me though :D

    Anyway ok i got something to offer too hahahah though this is gonna be really aiyah-nothing-much…

    Are you keen to volunteer at the Standard Chartered Race this coming 6 Dec?
    Sign up with and this is the event –

    Actually i have a group with my NDP friends, but you’re welcome to join too! If you wanna know more ppl etc… The group code is LEK172

    If not you can head a new group (and the “leader” of a group [which is just the person who bothers to do the sign-up as a leader, then tell your friends your group code to join with you] gets $30 allowance while the others get $20 haha) and get your friends to join!

    But aiyah a slight downside is Adidas has been sponsoring Standard Chartered, but this year it’s NEW BALANCE!!! :| Sian.

  2. November 4, 2009 1:42 pm

    haha hmm i asked around but no one seem to want to go. so as of now i am going alone bah. go leh go leh. haha. the due date for application is 6nov. hmm for stand chart i think i should be overseas then though. haha. so cant join leh. but thanks anw also!!

  3. wenqi permalink
    November 5, 2009 5:19 pm

    HEYYY!! I just realized something.

    “Please specify the time period of your student exchange in Shanghai/China and indicate the months you are able to commit in serving at the pavilion.”

    Are they looking for students who’re going there for exchange then like shun bian go and volunteer at the Expo?

    Are you doing this during your taiwan SEP in July??

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