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December 25, 2009

okay the updates as i promised. first libra. haha. at the ripe age of you-know-the-number my first time on a cruise. quite chui one though, i heard that virgo is much better. but well, i thought the experience quite good wah. the rooms are claustrophobic-ally small. when you bathe, you cannot move your feet at all, cos the area is around like a 30cmby30cm square.

though i love the food la. 6 meals a day, of which 3 you can eat in their restaurant. very nice. i thought we will have to eat bad food, since they are providing all for free, but it turns out to be as good as those outside. and that the waiters are more keen to serve you than those outside.

KL was normal. Pavilion is waaaay cooler than ion. but the rest okay lor. oh and their dvds all so cheap. damn it. even the non-pirated ones. and of course abundance of cantonese speaking ones which you cant find in spore (like rule no.1 in cantonese). speaking of that, almost everyone in KL speaks cantonese. cool. good place to practise. haha.

and then phuket also okay lor. i expected a cleaner beach but well the sand really like flour. shame on sentosa. haha.

simon cabaret. haha. i only can say 不酥糊 to the max. some think they are pretty la, but i dont know, i feel a little uncomfortable looking at them. haha. Masahiro Mori’s Uncanny Valley theory? they are okay pretty but.. they are so tall. and their faces look a little stiff. im not jealous okay. and the guys are really bad dancers.

and of course entering a casino the first time. it turns out to be what my parents described the genting one when of course could not enter then. a lot of people smoking lor. the smell is bad but the roulette is interesting enough for me to keep wanting to go in. i think anyone who studied probability wont have an urge to play, but it’s fun to see the aunties crying in joy or pain.

oh oh oh. and i almost forgot. my new idol harrold. haha. he’s really the coolest guy on board. his stand-ups ah, his wed or not so wed show and his drag shows, all damn good. really show people what is entertainment. (what jiak liu lan?) but then again, i think he spends 365 days of his life onboard. how to see him elsewhere.

then dc. hmm. we have finished half the shoot. the other half not done.. because our female talent decided to quit on us. well. we are still in search for a new one. please sign up with me if you want to act. haha. shoot was quite smooth. a really good learning experience for me. maybe that’s what people mean by gaining experience on set. watch. u can learn a lot from that.

and of course how not to direct actors. i realise a lot of the time we are asking for result direction, which is actually not a very good method. recommend Directing Actors by Judith Weston. good reading though the author is very very luo-suo. one more copy in national library. reading this really translate what i see on screen to something explainable. all along i can only say ‘ya good acting’ but cannot point out what. i think it’s a good book to gain new insights. and of course to learn how much effort actors put to their craft. it seems like anyone who can talk and walk and maybe look good can act. but no. it’s not how well you can manipulate your emotion, that makes bad acting, but how much you can live in your created imagined world. takes a lot of life experience i guess.

and of course the biggest event 3 days ago, release of results. who the hell decided on using the isis system. oh man. i think almost everyone i know cant access their results. yet again. try something without even testing whether it will work. not the first time already.

i realise anything i do is not going to shift my cap at all. now i understand why everyone say year1 really decide your fate. my cap now is almost the same as year1sem1 la. okay it dropped over year2 (damn it semiconductors and friends) but then i realise no matter what i get, the cap’s not going to move. so relaxing la now.

ee2001 scored much worse than i expected. laj as expected. and engin prof way better than i expected. so i guess results is never proportionate to your effort. i spend like 60hours a week on 2001, 10hours a week on laj and 1 hour a week on engin prof. hai. waste my time.

and and. i upgraded to win7.yay! the perks of being an ee student. i was using vista and i had nth much to complain actually. but win7 is really better. stability wise. speed wise. i cant really say speed la since i did a clean install so my hdd now nice and clean without all the ja-ba-lan programs. and also i didnt install a lot of my drivers. haha. natively my stuff still work la, so just dont install the drivers lor, save space also. some small problems here and then. like my itunes is refusing to show korean words, my acrobat throws a tantrum every now and then.. hmm but still overall good la. if u your system is 64bit, i still have a 64bit one.

my new source of entertainment. 我們這一家. im alternating btw the tvb cantonese version and the ttv japanese version. all good. not exactly funny. but just very entertaining.

and then 美女廚房. i didnt know it’s so funny. haha.

to blog abt bodyguards and assassins another time la.

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