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情迷馬戲團。+BRAVOs and BOOs of 畢打自己人。

December 30, 2009

this is the title of one story (not episode cos the story spans 3 episodes) of off pedder. and one of the most talked about story of off pedder. anw im watching off pedder from backward, that’s why im at 222 now. i love these 3 episodes, like how one person wrote on the forum, normal people watch will like, but for fans, this episode has a lot of hidden goodies.

so in these 3 episodes, we follow 老總 who has written an online novel, which was so popular that everyone in town was talking abt it and excited over the yet to be published ending. i thought the novel’s name was quite lousy la 情迷馬戲團 and the main character is called angelina who is a magician. haha. who is choosing between 飛刀手 波波兒 (hahahaha i love this name) and 馴馬師 查斯古里. but then this crazy reader wants angelina to end up with this small character who is a clown in the circus and so he kidnapped 老總 to force her to write an ending which favours the clown. and then we see how 大哥 and 社長 sets out to save her from the clues she left in the newly written story.

if just watch normally, it is already quite entertaining. there were scenes that seemed extra (like showing 老總 going to the radio station to change the ending) which even without will be okay la, but turns out to be the parts that are most talked about in the forum.

i of course want to know 老總’s initial ending but well, it’s better to be left unsaid also. right. then if it’s said, wont the suspend be gone for the next 100 episodes. some of the later episodes, like 297, is so direct and in your face, like ‘la. 社長 for you’ but 220-222 nice.

and.. BRAVOs and BOOs of 畢打自己人。haha.

BRAVO to the use of fresh faces for the cast. Good choice if you are sick of moses chan ah, tavia yeung ah. and very overused new actors like oscar leung. here we see Raymond Chiu, Aimee Chan and Joyce Cheng as the workers in the office. and wong cho lam. hmm now to think of it, im very curious as to what’s wong cho lam’s height.

BRAVO to the choice of MO姐 and stephen au for the main cast. really long time no see.and to see MO姐 as a successful working lady and stephen au as a good guy. where else to see?

BRAVO to all the word play.
from 胡 枫’s character name 胡枫修 to a character named 柴 狗 to 老總’s fav brands LB and 哈密瓜 to episode titles like 左邻右里 and 与魔鬼同行. aima wants to watch 我不賣身,我賣身材 and nothing哥. nice.

BOO to the decision to simply make 社長 an undercover. i think they have paving the way for very long that there is sth wrong with 社長. but undercover again? i rather his secret is that he had been suffering from hong kong feet for more than a decade.

and BRAVO to the only 22min long episodes. my attention span is getting very short.

269. finally 社長’s turn to become the tree hole. or does everyone in hk look like 阿德? haha.

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  1. wenqi permalink
    January 1, 2010 12:59 am

    After your 大力推荐, i went to watch the 3 eps of 情迷馬戲團. HAHAHA i think i am biased after Rosy Biz, but wah man HAHAHAH the more i see Wayne Lai, the better looking he looks to me… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stephen Au pales in comparison, BY A LOT! (ok at least in this 3 eps that i’ve watched) Wayne Lai seems to have this cool 大将 aura, whereas Stephen Au seems very jumpy and nooby?? Is that how their characters are like??

    Anyway HAHAHA did you watch 家有喜事 with Mo姐 and Leslie Cheung?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH THAT WAS DAMN FUNNY. Mahjong scene.

    One of my favourite most-got-feel scenes in the 3 eps that i watched is the last part of ep222 where she asked to take leave, to go shopping. Then Wayne Lai says he’ll be harming her if he allows her to take leave to splurge, then she says “害我吧。” S:)

  2. January 4, 2010 12:11 am

    hahaha wayne lai is definitely better looking recently leh. like if u go and watch moonlight resonance again.. hmm tanner, thinner and hair also nicer. haha. yeah i guess their characters are like that. but stephen au’s character quite likable also. wayne lai’s character sometimes quite irritating. haha.

    oh ya i didnt watch 家有喜事 with them but watched the short clips on youtube before. oh ya wiki says leslie cheung proposed to her before. hmm..

    ohhh. that part ah. in front too direct already? haha. hmm i recommend 282 also. not bad.


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