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My Top 10 List of the Decade.

January 4, 2010

Inspired by damn you kozo’s top 50 hk films of the decade, i thought i could do my own one too. but doing one on hk films will be lousy right, haha, so im going to do my own list of.. tvb dramas. haha. i bet not many people will press the (more..) button there. but so what, write myself, happy myself 自己寫,自己爽. haha. here we go!

10. Healing Hands 3 (2005)

I would have very much wanted to choose healing hands but it was made before this decade. aww. third season of the very classic healing hands. it’s a pity there’s no more so wing hong. but i really like the addition of sam chan as the new doctor and the rest of the cast who came from HH2. it’s strange how paul gets so much time to date (new girlfriend every season leh) and how everyone just looks so good in this series.

9. When Rules Turn Loose (2005) (the time i tried to blog abt it)

What’s a tvb list without liza-jie? haha. watched it initially because of sammul chan but ended up knowing and liking wayne lai and ha yu. very small production, viewership so so. but it’s just so good at manipulating your emotions. my fav liza wang’s drama to date. (which hints that war of in-laws..)

8. You’re Hired (2009) (the time i tried to blog abt it)

i think ever since war of genders, dayo wong already paved his path in tvb dramas. nice combi with charmaine sheh. comparing her performance here with beyond.. (name too long), she has defnitely better performed here. but somehow it seemed to be forgotten by everyone else. why ah.

7. Catch Me Now (2008) (the time..)

Another small production. and i read it’s a 飛紙仔 production too. but nice leh. it’s a running-out-of-time kind of nice. i think people notice johnson lee as 毛 or 粥 but will definitely like him here.

6. Rosy Business (2009) (the time..)

Strong characters, nice scenes and yay wayne lai and sheren tang. the first 7 episodes captured my attention.. but then.. it’s the leads who pushed me to watch the other 18. But it’s making me want to rewatch over and over again. Good remedy for abalone show withdrawal syndrome also.

5. Dicey Business (2006) (the time..)

it seems like Bobby Au Yeung has never starred in a drama that didnt do well. together with jessica hsuan, it’s going back to the File of Justice era. michael miu’s.. handsome lor. haha. plus bosco and tavia. when they were fine with making themselves look ugly.

4. The Academy (2005) (the time..)

This series spawned another 2 seasons and produced laughing-gor, but season one is definitely the best of the three. First michael miu drama after he decides to return to tvb, it’s a not so 油條 michael miu. nice.

3. Triumph in the Skies (2003) (the time..)

The only series which i bought the genuine vcd. it created a lot of fans for tvb. And made a lot other to want to join the aviation industry. haha. stunning performance from francis ng (he wants to prove he can make it in romance lines) and ahh the days of S4.

2. Moonlight Resonance (2008) (the time..)

The abalone one captured my attention, but Moonlight Resonance is definitely much more refined. some may complain it’s very 跟紅頂白, but definitely the show was worth the hype. i actually enjoy seeing how each time the bad people will do all those stuff just to gek the good people. and how the good people will fight back and triumph! woo!

1. Forensic Heroes 2 (2008) (the time..)

first it’s my fav genre. second i love the bobby+frankie+charmaine+yoyo combination for cast. of course raymond cho. cases still as interesting as the ones in season one and definitely one that i will rewatch when i am free. and my fav: the frankie lam and charmaine sheh pairing. very very mature discussion on what is love.

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  1. jicks permalink
    January 14, 2010 9:17 pm

    lol@ “The only series which I bought the genuine vcd.” Same here!

    Nice list you have there, I see you like modern day series ;] Although I have to say FHII didn’t cut it for me.

    Triumph In The Skies would hands down be my number one.
    Other TVB series I loved from the past decade:
    -A Step Into The Past
    -Return Of The Cuckoo
    -War And Beauty
    -Shades Of Truth
    -Burning Flame II ( I would name number one if it was in the same decade ><")

    ^^in no particular order atm… damn, I think you've inspired me to work on my own list!

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