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January 17, 2010

one more month. suddenly i realise it is so near. went down to get some stuff, like the samsonite which i really want (not the design, but that i really want a samsonite haha), travel insurance and shoes because my converse already gave way. ahhh.

my body is going to taiwan but my head is all thinking about hongkong. but i chose taiwan in the first place because i thought it will be easier to travel to japan and that i wont be eating at cha chan ting everyday. so best of both (all) worlds la. and that the other 2 girls travelling with me wants to go to hk too. so yay.

i feel kind of weird whenever someone asks where i am heading to. it’s like everyone chose the US or europe. i dont know. why not asia? haha. and one more person ask when im flying off, im considering to hand out post-its. you ask again la. you dare you dare?

YT and all have been asking me why i am still working on studios stuff. i dont know. my head is telling me to stop. because i really want to spend more time on tw preparation. and that somehow by manual law or something haha i guess i am not obliged to follow through till the day i fly off. but another part of me just feels that i need to. that i am responsible for things in studios. NAF deadlines are really really tight. aiyoh naf deadline so tight. haha. then? the things at the back of my head are all that are related to studios. i guess one more month la. one more month and my mind can be in peace.

like JX. haha. how relieved she was after leaving guitar. ahh. i am looking forward to that. sometimes when it gets real tough, like during exam periods i’ll be envious of those who can put all into their studies. but who can i blame? 係我自己攞嚟衰。

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