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February 8, 2010

had a gathering with the sc08 bunch on fri. it’s been some time since we got the bunch of us together. ahh sc08. my most diverse bunch of friends. we have an age gap of 6 between the oldest and the youngest, we represent the different faculties in this school, our interests are so different. but it’s always so fun to gather. and precisely we are so different, we have so many things to talk about, even if it’s just listening, it’s great.

but what i really like about this bunch is that they are really people who have aims, inspirations and knows well what they want in life. maybe because in the first place we got tgt because of sc, they are the more 熱血 bunch of people. our discussions ranges from marriage to sex partners to lousy profs and even evo psych. or simply a lot of stuff about life that i wanted to discuss but dont know who to discuss with.

yihui bought me a copy of east touch from kino (despite it being overpriced) because mister’s on the cover. there is an article called 他們都是捌拾後 which introduced me to 八十後 (the new buzz word in hk) referring to those born between the years of 1980 and 1989. also loosely referring to the teenagers today who have no fear of the govt and the ones who organised the recent demonstration against the building of the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Express Rail Link.

people tried to define 八十後. but like all other i thought the definitions they tried to come out with are quite stupid. in the first place, it’s not that easy to place an adjective on such a large body of people right? examples:


but arent these descriptions suitable for teenagers on the whole? haha. when our parents were in their 20s, there was a time they were rebellious, irresponsible right?

which then brings me to think about how i feel as a member of 80後 and with my friends who are largely 80後 too. so how are we different from our parents when they were in their 20s?

if i am to look at it, i feel we are the bunch who start off seeking at the esteem level and beyond. like my dad when he was my age, he was working hard for living. it was when he hit 30 he could focus on fulfilling the next level of satisfaction in life. but me i dont need to worry if i am going to have food tomorrow. a lot of my needs, inspirations are on esteem and self-actualization. and even if i am looking for basic necessities, i am looking for things that will help build on my esteem and self-actualization.

when i look at the 80後ers around me, esp in the sc08 bunch.. i know we are all here to make a difference. from now.

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