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February 16, 2010

haha first this i thought was a rather ridiculous thing happened. i watched this in lido and so at the start of the movie they showed the different logos of the production companies involved. so after shaw there was the tvb logo. and then this girl behind me exclaimed ‘hey tvb! i like tvb!’ HAHAHAHA. wth. so she went into the cinema not knowing what she was watching? or that because the tickets for All’s Well End’s Well Too were sold out? but the thing that she said i like tvb is quite ironic at that point. haha.

1. this scene haha cos of off pedder now i kind of like joyce cheng.
2. infernal affairs+ip man+murderer+burning flame 3+HH references and raymond cho and kenneth ma no line one. haha so sad.
3. is sunny chan’s character supposed to be a reference to a chip off the old block?
4. aimee chan’s 請問你阿媽係男定女? which is badly translated to 你媽媽煮不煮飯?
5. 馬蹄露 and her ice cream. HAHA. damn disgusting.
6. laughing GOR you are here again.
7. “it’s not my name” haha. is that a reference to 美女廚房?
8. lam suet+hocc+dicky cheung+sam lee+chin siu ho+田雞+FAMA HAHA and all the random people in the show
9. jacky cheung as jacky cheung.
10. try our breast+acid from sky+flashmob
11. the joke on bosco and myolie
12. 顶太PHONE
13. ron ng looking very very ugly.
14. jacky cheung and anita yuen in wanton mee store scene.
15. wayne lai!!
16. wongcholam totally zhap到 in the lift scene la. haha.
17. the part on kellychen ‘a boy’s mum and still looking so good’.
18. i like this part cant rmb eric tsang or jacky cheung asked why the people did not run away despite telling them to run for life la. and then they replied because afterall if the bomb is going to explode, it is going to be more dangerous to be on the street since the acid will be pouring down onto the street. haha. which i thought was quite funny.
19. the part where stephy tang got her maid to act as her after jumping off her window. i thought that was predictable but still very funny.
20. that stephen chan did VO for the cantonese version. hai.

and wait there was charmine sheh and lam ka-tung? haha. forgettable characters.

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