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Are You The Favorite Person of Anybody?

February 18, 2010

was doing some very last min stuff like clearing my wallet of its rubbish and random cards like passion card (haha) when i found this piece of yellow paper.

some time ago, i guess around 5-6years ago, there was one time when i was separated from my friends but then to only realise that my phone was out of batt. so of course i couldnt find my friends, i called up my sister, to help me look at any contact list i had at home (there was a time when we all kept physical contact lists okay). cant remember why but she gave me a number of a friend, but who wasnt in the group that i was going out with that day. so i called that friend to get more numbers. but pay phones are quite stupid, they take the voicemail thing as though someone is answering the phone. so i got a few coins eaten that way. in the end i had to ring like 5 times then put down the phone and then to try again so as not to get to the voicemail. a little simple but important incident to me.

so right after that, i started keeping a small note in my wallet that has a few numbers of friends whom i often called. just in case this thing ever happens again. and every now and then when i realise the existence of the note, i will take it out, update the numbers on it. most of the time adding more friends and then to change the number of those who changed numbers.

yesterday night i made a mental note to myself to write such a list, in case something happens to my phone and i know i cant remember number for nuts. and it was when i found that piece of paper which i have forgotten about since i think the last time i updated was 4 years ago.

the thing is. i’m kind of glad that the people who mattered to me, still matters to me today. and that i didnt have to strike out anyone from that list. and of course to add a few more numbers to it.

and that list sort of became like a gentle note to myself of the people who are important to me.

jaa mata go ka getsu.

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