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March 24, 2010

1. I’m glad that i don’t just get one type of news-“local”.
i want to know what is happening to our klk friends, i want to know if london bridge is falling down. because i dont care if this 80 year old grandma is having an affair with a 15 year old. or that frogs can scream. I DON’T CARE. you are not feeding me all these crap. And my news reporter doesnt sensitize my news. i can think on my own. thanks.

2. I’m glad my teachers have traveled further than i had.
stop giving me examples of local industries. i’m tired. why not something about microsoft? i think that will be interesting. not the next fried chicken chain.

3. I’m glad I understand the idea of a race.
Or that it is entirely possible to have 4 races in a country all holding the same passport.

4. I’m glad I know Malaysians don’t stay on trees.
Or that people without a tiong accent originated from your country. i mean your ancestors came from china dont you know? stop denying.

5. I’m glad I know that there are other countries other than the US, Japan and China.
And that the rest are all perfectly normal. They are not aliens. And definitely not inferior to you.

6. I’m glad my friend won’t boo at my prime minister at a baseball match.
And then to smooch his girlfriend after that. At least do something? only know how to say.

7. I’m glad that my sewage is up and working.
and that i can flush my used toilet paper down the toilet bowl. and that rubbish bins don’t overflow. or stink. And that I can cross roads without worrying if I will get knocked the next moment or something. I’m glad there are traffic rules.

8. They say that we are so strictly governed we can’t even choose what we want to read. But I’m glad because even they sell those stuff here, you won’t even understand.
I’m educated okay. i cant. but you dont even know what you are missing out. pity.

9. I’m glad I am bilingual.
Or for that matter, understand that people can become bilingual. It’s not impossible.

10. I know I am practical.
But at least we get things done. Get it? Passion is not all.

龍應台 you understand or not?

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  1. kenny permalink
    March 24, 2010 9:14 pm


    when we doing We Heart Singapore films?

  2. March 27, 2010 4:05 am

    it’s been on hold forever. haha. do lar. then we set a deadline for script. then got motivation.

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