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March 31, 2010

haha. the video has nothing to do with the post. it’s just that i am listening to this album now. highly recommended. very nice.

okay. was at microsoft taipei office yesterday. it was an industry tour lar but more of like intro to us their intern programme. it’s a very good programme i have to say. you will get to work on office 2014 and definitely will look good on your cv. and the working environment looks good too. in lion city, people only get to join as interns after winning or at least get a runner-up at imagine cup. like how hard? but no. i dont want to stay here for another year. no. haha.

so this guy was stating what kind of people they are looking for in interns. number one: creative.

i like how they chose to put creative as point one and then familiarity with a high level language (eg C, C# but they are looking at C# mostly) as secondary. so it’s personal competency over technical expertise. this is rather interesting. because the other day i was browsing through the intern list on ejob centre, most companies listed the faculty they want the interns to be from, followed by technical expertise and finally personal attributes.


was at hr lesson just now. and the lecturer was also talking about competency. what attributes you look for when recruiting people for a certain position. he showed us this iceberg model. on top of this iceberg is technical expertise. things you see on the surface and are easy to gauge. and below there is personal competency. like ability to handle stress, able to work in a team. so he asked “if you are a hr manager and are going to hire someone. which is more important? the competencies on the top of your iceberg or the ones at the bottom?” the answer turned out to be bottom ones. because in his words “you cannot train a chicken to climb trees. you need to hire a monkey. you can hire a monkey which cant climb well but you can train it.”

ahh. reminds me of the instant trees documentary.

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