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April 6, 2010

since last thu it was spring break. it’s a little bit like our recess week. minus the work. haha. plus the qing ming festival public holiday, spring break this year lasts 5 days. some other uni give their students 7 days break. so ours considered short already. so yeah. so what do people do during spring break? they go kenting! kenting is at the southern most part of tw which is like the other end of tw already since we are at the northern most part now. the weather’s drastically different. it’s like winter kind of weather in taipei while kenting is like summer. travelling there takes like 8 hours. wa. so we traveled at night.

haha. angmoh also want to go kenting.

while this is kenting. like how different can? kenting’s a lot like phuket. or redang. or tioman. or langkawi. or bintan. you get my idea.

our mode of transport. there isnt any extensive public transport. actually it’s quite a small area so you can get around rather quickly. not on foot though. so most people just rent scooters, motorbikes there. but since we dont have the licence, it’s electric motor powered bikes for us.

it’s like night cycling with a lot of cars. the traffic can get quite bad towards the main street. so you either have to treat yourself as a car or you cant move at all.

but anyone who have gone to night cycling with me should know i will buang into anything i can buang into. angmohs. traffic lights. lamp posts. fence. anything lar. my first night cycling i think i buang like 20 times. then the second time reduced to 5. and this time 2. 2 big ones though.

first a car. straight onto a stationary car though. thankfully the owner chose not to ask me for money or anything. he was just ‘okay okay. not spoilt.’ phew. and the second time straight onto those metal poles on road side. because it was a left turn. over here it’s keep right so it’s more difficult to turn left. so left turn. made too big a turn. too shock to press brake. so in the end use my head to brake by buanging onto a pillar. heng i got the helmet on. i think i am still sane. just one bruise. not bad already. the first night cycling i had like 6 large bruises.

kenting street. it’s the ultimate show off place. people bring their porches lambos here. strictly beach wear. so no flabby tummies please. and a lot of booze. and pray hard not to buang onto a lambo or else i think i will never get to return to taipei.

and temporary tattoos.

you see billabong havaianas stores. and a lot of thai food.

our purpose for coming to kenting. spring wave. actually the main music festival in kenting is spring scream. it’s like a rock concert plus rave party that lasts 4 days. and a hell lot of angmoh. but we choose this one which is more of a concert at the beach. lasts 2 days. there’s another one which is like a techno party. eeyer. but has yanzi. hi yanzi, the last time i remember you dont sing techno. why are you there? so this year’s lineup 蘇打綠、蕭敬騰、黃小琥、林宥嘉、梁靜茹、蔡健雅、F.I.R.飛兒樂團、陳綺貞、林俊傑、范逸臣、范曉萱.. other than JJLin i’m fine. haha.

concert! if spring scream has a lot of angmohs, spring wave has a lot of hongkongers. it’s almost 50-50 btw locals and our friends from hk.

yogalin. hmm. he looked sick. but then again the weather was rather bad. there was this strong land breeze blowing all the sand off the ground and onto us. and all of them were like struggling against getting sand into their eyes. and i like this line from my friend ‘他真的跟他的偶像很像 連髮綫都很像’ yes yogalin. better look into that soon cos you are only as young as me and no people of our age should have receding hairline. haha. people lucychan is married with a daughter so can forgive.

TANYA!! bring me home!! or sing moments of magic!! 我要回家!!another fan of lucychan. haha. she sang 達爾文 which is also the song that lucychan rejected/neglected/forgotten for his 認了吧 album. and i understand what she meant by she really wrote that song with lucychan in mind. as opposed to 多少 which i thought is very tanya-ish.

but my reason for coming here is for sodagreen. ‘OMG SODAGREEN IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!’ actually i wasnt really excited at all before this. but the moment they got on stage i just got strangely excited. it’s sodagreen! AHHHHHHH!! as in i am those very calm sodagreen fan. got album also dont have the urge to buy. if they are here then see lor if they are not then dont care lor. but seeing them in person brought out the fg in me.

青峰!!a-gong got enlisted. so it’s down to qingfeng on keyboard.

馨儀 on bass and 小威 on drums.

家凱 on electric guitar.

阿福 on acoustic.

i think qingfeng got himself some new fans that night. my friend was like ‘i know he like to imitate huici but i dont know he is so sam bat(三八).’ haha. and i think qingfeng realised that too that everyone was there to listen to him talk not sing ‘我不唱歌算了 去講相聲好了’ yes everyone really got to know how funny he is. HAHA. and how he tried to imitate the 北斗爆橘拳 haha okay the spring wave version. and the whole 恰恰 part took so long they had to cancel the encore part.

and the thing is he sang 心的距離!! i thought at first he was going to do a 這樣的一個麻煩 but it’s 心的距離. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! i love 心的距離! okay i will not complain anymore that i didnt get to go for DUO. this is eh quite good enough.

wanted to tweet regarding spring wave but there wasnt internet so no tweets. but i sort of wrote them down on ipod. tweets that i would have tweet-ed if i had internet.

“OMG Sodagreen+心的距離!!! for this no more complaints from me for the next mth.”
“Seeing sodagreen live. My life has just taken another big step towards completion. :D:D:D”
“i think 青峰 has just gotten more fans tonight. And a bunch of others who will think that he’s a crazy san bat. Ha.”
“Pity the time limit of the venue. No endless encores tonight. Ahh till 2 years later then.”
“OMG Tanya sounds great live. And I finally understood what she meant regarding 達爾文. Good taste! Ha.”
“Maybe yoga lin needs his CY Kong and 林夕. stop wasting your talent on bubblegum pop!!”

okay. my very long fg post. pardon me. fg-ing shall stop tonight. HAHA.

back in taipei last night 12:38am.

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  1. kenny permalink
    April 7, 2010 12:37 pm

    su da luuuuuu~~~

    take care of your head.

    this is one of the few
    “OMG! YAY! WHEE!” entries I’ve seen in a while. Keep up the good work. AStar.

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