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April 25, 2010

was reading a blog where there was a post on Characteristics of a 文青(文藝青年). initially wanted to do a post on how well is 施某 moving towards her direction of becoming a true blue 文青, but i thought i should just you know since i am nowhere near that and a post full of ‘no’s will be so negative, it is more constructive to think about the steps i can take instead.HAHA. douzo.

文青都愛村上春樹: hello. 1Q84 is waiting for you in the bookstore. GO!
文青都愛攝影: stop slacking and go take more photos. kids nowadays are dabbling with dslr from the age of like 5? you are not in anyway ahead of anyone. GO!
文青都極瘦: when is the diet plan starting?
文青褲子都窄的像褲襪: go get the khaki one with checks fold at the bottom
文青都穿極簡但貴的衣服… 文青很雷光夏: the sale at izzue is waiting for me~
文青很後搖: ah dont force me. pop rock please.
文青can’t live without converse all star: bye bye vans..
文青的頭髮不能打薄: okay i will tell the hairdresser the next time
文青都戴看起來沒什麼但貴到不行手工粗框眼鏡: hand-made? where do you get those?
文青喜歡歐洲遠勝過美洲: YAY.
文青不用wretch: check.
文青都會學法文或西班牙文: no japanese?
文青只看深夜MTV: noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
文青愛去誠品看書: check
文青在很暗的咖啡館看書: okay!
文青不吃便當: haarrrrr
文青煙抽很大: according to health experts…
文青咖啡喝很大: cannot i will LS
文青酒喝很大: okay! 信義路 i am coming!
文青一定要有MAC小白PowerBook: eh not macbook pro? i tell you the processor speed of the white one…
文青要會樂器: yes my pride still lies in my trusty recorder
文青房間一定要有吉他: seeyihui faster lend me yours.

HAHAHAHA. okay off to listen to 追追追~

ohh. and clips of 春浪 is on YT!!

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