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April 30, 2010

HAHA. why are they always so updated? it was 夜市人生 the previous time and now 「請妳把邪惡兩個字收回去」. (@0:52 above) i think if i have just watched this alone i wont get the joke. but just so happened i decided to watch kangxi yesterday..

康熙來了 2010-04-27 (@2:15)
黑人賣T惹爭端 好友小S和周玉蔻交鋒 2010-04-17 (@1:05)

was trying to categorise my posts which is something i stopped doing since a long time ago.. i think human was not made to like filing. haha. so was looking through my older posts when i found this:

“a lot of concerts these 2 months. and the thing is they are all my favourite singers la. first eason. then sodagreen. hai. didnt have the money for a concert and so i didnt go for the eason one and most prob not going for the sodagreen one too. but they are really people that are worth listening to LIVE.”

i cannot recall writing this. i was listening to them in 2008? did i? wow 原來我是那麽有sense的人啊? HAHAHAHAHAA.

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