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July 27, 2010

back. finally. i thought half a year will take so long i will not recognise singapore anymore but i guess it’s just only that long. lalalaa. round 1a of cors is going to end in an hour but this time round i will only be bidding for one module which i will most probably get with one point. still have 3000 odd programme points. if only there’s a black market out there where i can sell them for a buck each.

waited 6 sems to finally do the 2 film modules to only realise there’s a clash for film art. so well bye bye film art and gilbertYeoh. i will most probably be doing a stats module then. and whether to move on to japanese 2. i know i will die with the -te form and gang. but well. just try lar. and of course fyp. hello faster release results leh. i very kanchiong. dont ever get me to do semiconductor. please.

6months. saw all the things i wanted to see. it feels like overeating in sakae buffet. so i’m not even thinking of grad trip now. travelling is tiring.

if i am ever going back there it will only be for easonchan or sodagreen. but then again if i have the money also.

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