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August 18, 2010

i was worrying over the weekend how lab will start this week and i am not mentally prepared to go for it yet. or maybe i’m just running away from it and that it didn’t help that i’m not done with the paper that they assigned us to read. and talking about the paper. met an EE friend today. so he saw it and asked “so this is written in what language?” “er french.” “ah. so that’s why i don’t understand anything.”

so yar. and today i got a mail from a friend who is working in the same lab as me. “the guy say this week he not taking attendance.” YES! haha so no lab for me this week.

and then the second thing is i was supposed to have ifg training today. and i think the team manager is not too happy with people not turning up since ifg is only a week and a half away. and then it rained. taiwan typhoon rain. so half an hour before training i got the “training is cancelled” message. YES.

and the third. only got informed just now that registration for project groups has opened for 8 hours. and that how most of the project groups were choped already. and i really wanted to work on the kelvin tong films one. and then no one chose that. HAR. good.

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