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I’m having a great week and hope you both are too! Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

August 26, 2010

oh no. haoting is gone. the only place that i go to for reliable, good quality yet small sized music. i just have this huge inertia to find a better replacement and so i’m constantly on youtube now. but each time when i’m out and i just want to listen to 你喔 or something, it’s not on my iPod. urgh. HAHA.

and i realise there’s a YT clip of the songs i’m listening to on repeat and not on my iPod. yes. i will post it here then. LARRR.

finally. after 6 semesters, the first time i am having a 3-day week. actually it feels kind of good, now i understand why everyone is appealing/skipping lunch/having 8am lectures just for the sake of having one more day to stay away from school. slept the whole of yesterday away before going down for IFG training. and today more because of the training yesterday. sigh i feel old. cannot run, cannot pass. tried the position of point guard yesterday only to be chasing the opponents instead of running in front of them. cannot. like. that.

training again later on. but i know i just have to start working on the literature review that i have been putting away for the whole week. hopefully i can finish it by tonight. or the most tomorrow morning.

things have been changing for the better lar. i should not be complaining. first the switch to iPhone development. for now i will be developing on iPhone for my fyp instead of the initial Andriod. which also means that i have now a new supervisor. definitely a better one. HAHA. of course been spending the week reading on AR because previously i only chose this topic basing on my only knowledge of AR from the Robert Downey Jr. issue of Esquire. now the more i read the more i feel heng ah, thank goodness i chose this topic. was talking to an EE friend last week because he is too working on a mixed reality project and telling me how i am lucky because AR is THE technology now. HAHA. okay can.

Augmented reality: it’s like real life, but better
Augmenting reality

till now i have yet to see a really useful application for AR. it’s a cool technology lar but we just can’t seem to find a way to extract its usefulness. even those used by advertising firms. not very useful.

and second. how the whole grouping thing for another module is finally sorted out. which means we will be working on kelvintong for our project. YES. good.

the title’s from an email from our tutor by the way.

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