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Er I think I have special powers?

September 12, 2010

it started last year. when on a rainy day i took the grassy slope route despite knowing it was slippery. and just before i took my first step i was thinking “i think i will slip and fall and sprain my ankle walking through this thing”. and no i wasnt wishing i would slip but in fact i paid more attention to where i was placing my foot. and then i fell. after around 6 steps. those with a loud crack sound somemore. good.

and then earlier this week. during practice. one girl went round asking people “who they like” (as in celebrities, anyone famous). and so they asked A, and in my head was “it better not be this singer it better not this singer” and. as how it should go from the way i’m writing this. A said the person i had in mind. not that i even know A. i barely know the team. and then went on to B. i was again thinking “not this singer. not this singer” and tada she named that singer. i dont know them that well. neither the singers. but woah.

and then a while ago. had a cup noodle on the desk. “i think this cup noodle will topple soon and scald my thigh.”

very good.

plus my ability to conjure people. even if i’m thinking negatively. “please not let me meet the fyp people. i dont want to talk about fyp today.”

okay. i am eagerly waiting for the letter to the wizard school.

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