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September 17, 2010

the engineer’s dissertation – there’s a section in CA1 report that requires us to set milestones for the year-long project. it was only then that i know that i will be losing my recess week and elearning week and reading week and the winter break and the next recess week and the next elearning week and the next reading week because of this thing. all the way till sem 2 week 13. i dont know. the thought of this just makes me feel so tired. it’s only week 6 now. it’s like standing at the base camp and looking at the peak. plus we are expected to put in 15 hours each week till end of april next year. yeah? i want to just run away.

circus action – was at a place yesterday night that offered great pork trotter, sausage and beer. everyone seemed to be in shirt and pants/skirt. anw. we were there. dressed in tee. and the moment the waitress came i knew she was pissed. haha. i dont know if it was because we werent dressed like we came from an office or that we smiled a little too widely. she just looked so angry. at that moment i really wished circus was there too. will she faint?

so they employ people one hor – was talking to a friend on career talk when i told him i missed the only one that i wanted to go to, which is the ogilvy one. and then he said “hey my brother is working in ogilvy.” wow. so can go in one har?

very pretty lady – a friend yesterday asked what is VPL. which then reminded me of the really stupid things we did in ac. like spotting VPLs. haha. very pretty lady lor.

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