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September 22, 2010

wah. how many cameras were brought into the indoor stadium wor. like so many YT clips now.

anw, YEAAHHH 多少 with Tanya. i’m biased towards this song lar since it was written by a local(listened to it a lot in tw. any form of singapore to me then was like..home. HAHA) and second because the mv was shot at The Wall Live House. 「上五樓的快活」is like a half fabulous half so bad i cannot listen to it ever again album. and this song belongs to the better side lar.

陀飛輪. highlight at 05:19. HAHAHAHAA.

ohhhh. i have actually forgotten that he sang 説謊 right before 追. one influenced him. one he influences. wow. now to think of it. there were 8000 in indoor stadium. and if i am assuming every person who doesnt understand cantonese will have one friend to translate for him/her, then at least there are 4000 people who understood him? wow. our speak mandarin (stop speaking dialect movement) is not all that successful eh? haha.

woke up early this morning. which means i have more time to watch tv. HAHA. managed to finish a few episodes of 天天天晴. which is done by the team that gave off pedder. it’s less funny even with johnson lee around. but not bad lar. still can watch. Episode 69’s 給自己的情書 not bad.

PA手記: waynelai’s stand on why you should not get students to write “my ambition is..” eassys. HAHAA.

today’s the last day of taiwan food fair at clarke quay. i’m at home. yeah.i didnt know it will last this long. was looking at some of the reviews/blog posts on the food fair lar. definitely overpriced. but these poor people have to bring all these food on a plane you know.

and my favourite complaint: “Are they from Taiwan? I doubt so!”

HAHA. i feel like laughing. it’s just the scope of taiwanese food we get over here. chicken, mee sua, bubble tea. you really think taiwanese ONLY eat this ah. i am guessing. that they ARE eating the authentic taiwan food. BUT it’s just we dont like lor.

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