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Lover’s Discourse.

October 6, 2010

AHHHHHHHHH. this looks interestingggggg~

Okay i admit this caught my eye because there is Eason. (and he’s not bad an actor wah) but with KarenaLam? wow i want to watch. how do they get some many people i like into one show? JackyHeung whom i keep complaining about in A Fistful of Stances, i feel like giving him one more chance since he was not so bad in the last episode. i dont know if it’s the intention but from the trailer his portion feels like a present day in the mood for love? without cheongsam but got iPhone. HAHA.

KitChan!! HAHA. omg. was watching Eating Air the other day. which she has a non-speaking role. not too sure why they need her in. hah. KayTse! i’ve never watch her act before. but looks interesting. and the taiwanese! MavisFan and EddiePeng. not too sure about the PanAsia trend. (hi i am looking at you Reign of Assassins)

this is the directorial debut for both directors. DerekTsang is tada EricTsang’s son. sometimes i look at his children i really wonder how they can grow so tall. HAH. and with Pang Ho-cheung as producer. i dont know how much this will actually affect the film (seeing how there is really no PeterChan in Bodyguards). but i really want to like Pang Ho-cheung. love his Love in a Puff. watched really a lot of times. and also his Trivial Matters which i feel like watching for a third time.

if this is ever coming here it will definitely be dubbed. so. someone please buy the dvd from hongkong and send to me lar. thankew.

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