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Late Night TV.

October 18, 2010

Got reminded of this thing i watched on channel 5 as a kid while we were on shoot yesterday. It was one of those incredible tales kind of (to me is already) horror tv show. each episode is made up of a few short stories. I cannot remember the title. I cannot remember who acted in it. But there was one particular story that stuck with me.

So the story take place in a crowded lift. and then this boy (or girl) plays with the buttons in the lift lar. and anyhow press all the buttons. And then the lift jams. After a while the door open, and the outside is just very bright. And so the boy goes out of the lift curious, the mum chases out.

And then the lift door closes. The father of the child is still inside the lift. The lift goes back to normal and people just continue with their lives. The guy who lost his wife and child goes to the police. He goes back home and finds that all the photos in his house only have him in them. He tells his friends about his missing wife and child and the friends dont even recall him getting married.

so the wife and child disappear as if they don’t exist in the first place. So the guy tries all ways to find them. in the end so desperate he tries to repeat the incident in the lift. It jams again and this time the lift goes smashing down and kills everyone in the lift.

And i dont even know if this is accurate. haha. or if this is actually a mashup of the different episodes i watched in that series. i remember the elevator..the rest a bit blur already.

HAHA. okay after doing a search on this i’m suspecting that the series’s called ‘Shiver’. But then there is nothing else that i can get on it already. hmm.

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