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Running out of Time.

October 26, 2010

i dont really listen to him. or davidtao. but got quite sick of listening to the recently added playlist and switched to just shuffle songs instead. and this song came up. wow. like how long ago. and actually it’s kind of nice. haha.

just got an email that CA2 for fyp will commence on 8 nov. okay i am so not prepared for this because all along i thought it will be in dec after exams end. but in 13days. i dont know how they are working this thing out. better push it till end of exams. from my current progress i really need a month before i can submit anything.

and also to drill it in better. that i am still (as painful as it can get) a second lower class student. which also translate to ‘good luck finding your first job’. i dont care how many ‘but you are like how close to second upper’. it’s close. but definitely not there. and i am not depending on this fyp thing. i hope i can get a B+ at least. which means a lot of As this and next sem.

stressed? yeah a bit. maybe listening to bubblegums from lee hom will help. a bit. haha.

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