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November 4, 2010

omg i love this song. directed the mv to the song which you wrote? i want to support your bao-ka-liao-ness. haha. plus getting the people i like into your mv. wahhh. i cannot stop watching/listening already. and how this is simply very fun lor. hello hello circus, stop singing lar. come out and make circus action 5!

所以你去死吧 別再說一堆屁話

haha. how to find this kind of lyrics elsewhere?

the group’s english name: one two free. reminds me of the mcjin+hanjin album buy 1 get 1 free

but well. i think i have posted it before. but to post again. mcjin+hanjin’s 女朋友. :D:D:D
love the 買一送一 mv too. :D
since i’m here. might as well post this too. ‘711’ by mc jin feat kt. haha. zeng ah.
mc jin – 靚仔靚女

i know confirm no one will press the links mah press mah. give yourself a chance to listen to something new? or at least use 4min to see a cool music video. haha. please? and if you suddenly find yourself falling in love with their music. come talk to me. because i want to talk to somebody about them. hah.

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