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What excites me.

November 4, 2010

it’s just this pure coincidence that i am reading this book called ‘the tipping point’ (gasp at 05:57) now (i know i know only reading it now i am already a decade late haha) and then i see a friend post this video on fb. it’s funny how things always come together in life? but well was going through a gp comprehension with yihui last night and one of the questions was ‘how does this phrase tells you about human nature?’ and the answer was because we like to impose patterns, rules on seemingly erratic nature of life. but well yeah i like to spot patterns and want to believe they are patterns. haha.

so it’s just so weird that the whole of today’s morning i was reading on the epidemic-like nature of successful word of mouth campaigns and the different elements, players that come together that causes these phenomenons. and then i see this video. this is something very exciting to read about. for me.

and then after a 2-hour talk with a PhD candidate who is going to help me on my fyp because he was previously working on education and my fyp research direction is in education; while i was reading ‘the tipping point’ book on the ride home, the chapter was on sesame street and its function as children education through the tv medium. very scary.


and another reason why i am so tempted to blog is because how there’s this copy of east touch on my desk now. and how this is really becoming my only (magazine genre haha) source of pure happiness. hi anyone going to hongkong for holiday. it’s okay i dont want egg tart, just buy me the latest copy of east touch.

because it’s just one copy of magazine with everything that i ever feel excited about in life. which are mainly very lowbrow stuff lar. haha. an interview with celebrity users of rimowa. happy. an interview with director of lover’s discourse. happy. sticker from siuhak. happy. and in issue 803 a page on the vans that i am wearing now. happy. a random note on table connect. happy. two references to bowie lam (and calling him 林寳) when they are talking about someone lying. happy.


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