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我同你 冇計嘅

November 14, 2010

almost a year ago it was Rosy Business + Off Pedder. and then now No Regrets + Some Day. i think if i am in hongkong i’ll be like “ahh! get lai yiu-cheung off my tv!” and then go on to watch the obviously it is liang shan bo and zhu ying tai lor SKK scandal.

was talking to a friend in lecture when i realise she has 10 friends currently chasing No Regrets. hello i have only one friend lor. actually i am not enjoying it as much as Rosy Business. maybe in the attempt to up the ante, the show now feels a bit of an overkill. wah war. wah opium. wahhhh guns!

and i think they know what are the scenes audience liked from the first series, and so they are trying too hard to replicate them too many times. plus the villains dont do much harm. they just hang around to irritate the protagonists only.

haha. 21 i am waiting for you. let it better be good.

got this link from raaddd. wow. great photos from cantopop.

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  1. Wenqi permalink
    November 14, 2010 10:08 pm

    Haha! Eh btw where did that screenshot of the back-view-of-2-of-them-looking-wistfully-in-the-distance occur ah!? Was it within the past eps?!?! :O:O:O I dont recall seeing it from the show leh shit

    • November 15, 2010 12:14 am

      i remember seeing. maybe after one of those sessions which she try to quit her addiction. when i saw i like “wah. same as rosy business” haha. but maybe because it’s the exact same thing, it doesnt really have the same impact already.

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