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No Regrets

November 29, 2010

睇下我行先定你行先 如果我行先嘅咪我等你

parts of episode 31~32 were cringe worthy, parts were so happy it’s impossible to not smile, parts that were so happy until can cry and parts that will just make you “喊到飛呢發辣”. but all in all, the ending did what it was supposed to do. tie all loose ends, a little bit cliche but everything did come together. plus it did not end with a barbecue gathering. 32 episodes; so many things happened, it felt like a really long journey.

ahh and can someone stop WayneLai if he is to sing again? thanks. hah!

haha i’m such an auntie.

i think ever since heart of greed, Cheung Wah-biu’s scripts have all followed a rather similar structure. the family oriented, an overarching narrative with many many small hurdles that the protagonists have to overcome. but somehow no regrets felt a bit weak. there are episodes which i watched for the sake of watching so that i will not get lost as the story progress but dont really affect me much. it definitely picked up from episode 26 after lau sing’s escape from death. haha.

but somehow it lacks laugh out loud scenes; there are those yes finally the good triumph evil kind of happy scenes but nothing that is really funny. which is pity though. i want to quote something that is happy and fun and memorable.. but.. haha.

some of the scenes that i really like:
saving the bunch from war prisoner camp (Victory!) i think it helped that before this scene they devoted a lot of time on how the japaneses were mistreating them. when they killed the japanese soldier it was so liberating in a Prison on Fire way (yay)
killing of 金剛 same lor how he was still so kiampah after the japanese surrendered
排骨’s monologue in Lau Sing’s room in 1979 with the cigarette and all. and how it kept audience guessing whether lau sing was dead already
晴晴’s scenes in episodes 30 and 31 she’s okay lar not that bad. i like her in these 2 episodes leh
lau sing and miss kau’s conversation at hospital at start of episode 31 the only time they are just talking and not because there is something to be done, right? every other time they talked it’s because someone needs help, there is a plan or talking about somebody else. “睇下我行先定你行先 如果我行先嘅咪我等你” wahh i was shocked when lau sing said this. because from the point miss kau went ‘ahhhh~’ i was thinking “wahh better not say if you go to heaven who you can see because this lau sing will just smile at you or something” but to think he gave a reply. wow. hah!
lau sing and miss kau’s conversation at stone staircase in episode 30 actually all the way from them pawning hei-jie and gang. miss kau ran back just to get the fake grenade? haha! scaring 2 passerby with the grenade and lau sing saying “哇大佬!” haha.

and then how they like to repeat lines with the exact wording. haha. the thing is a while ago i was reading on blue’s clues and how it uses repetition to enhance learning. haha so this thing also works for adults

hmm if only the villains were a little less irritating

巴巴閉查篤撐之義海豪情 (this is quite a good interview. :D:D:D)

DJ: “wah i’m very worried for you sheren tang. i’m scared you think this way you wont get married” HAHAHAHAHAHAAA
“nah tim-gor she will have a lot more time to help you shoot more dramas”

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  1. Wenqi permalink
    November 29, 2010 5:47 pm

    OMG. OK.

  2. Wenqi permalink
    November 29, 2010 11:43 pm


    Omg i feel damn emo.


    Btw i think the ppl were dying off conveniently HAHAHA “大凤死了” “军爷死了” HAHAHAHAHAHAA.

    But wah lau the 30 years… I cannot take it. But i agree with you about 排骨’s monologue HAHAHA redeeming factor for him.

    Actually i think overall this series is damn heavy going and quite :(:(:( to watch. I think i was watching mainly coz of the reputation and my expectations and support brought over from Rosy Biz… Hurhur.

    Did you watch 公主嫁到?

    • November 30, 2010 12:41 am

      yesssss i feel damn emo also after finishing. so i needed to blog about it. haha!

      HAHA! now that you say i never realise leh. and yes they just conveniently kill off people. HAHHAHAHAAA! which is quite funny. and then the siu hong also? it was quite far-fetch leh. when it was that scene i was thinking ‘wah just kill this siu hong lar. so irritating one!’ but i was hoping of more 鐵姐 not 軍爺

      30 years is urgh. i didnt realise this but i see on the tvb forum. they met in 1979 actually and then he died in 1983? wah biang. 4 years! and miss9 died in 1994. wahhh.

      it’s heavy lar. but yea lor actually from 26 to 32 i really enjoyed watching. if talking about consistency i will vote for rosy biz. but exciting enough i think the climax for no regrets is better leh.

      i watched till episode 4? maybe because only starting so feel quite detached from it. not motivated to watch. haha maybe when i feel bored will watch lar. you leh? and omg 5 dec is so soon! ahh! i really hope the no regrets gang will win not the 公主嫁到 gang.

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