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December 7, 2010

Eason Chan’s version of this song comes under the title of 要害/謀情害命. i like both. they are actually very much different; the lyrics sort of controlled how the arrangement should be like i guess. quite a surprise since i thought after he wrote the melody and not the lyrics, it’s not likely for them to perform it again. but wow 簡單生活節. will definitely go if i am still in taipei.

but wah he cut his hair, looks a lot like hocc’s. haha. which reminds me that i have not cut my hair for a long long while. it’s growing out of hand.

4 more days to sodagreen concert. woot

簡單生活節 蘇打綠 這天

this this that that. in the end i’m always only listening to that few people haha. yay yoga lin’s 飄. i like. the hair looks a bit like helmet.

林宥嘉 20101204 簡單生活節 4.歇斯底里

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