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December 12, 2010

i cant believe sunday just went by like this. strictly speaking i have 3 reports due (though one is more of organising one that was written previously) but instead spent the whole day just staring at Felix Wong and Michael Miu run around. more on that later. first, Sodagreen’s concert.


maybe because the first cut is the always the deepest, so their performance at Kenting earlier this year still remains the best lar. or maybe because that concerts held here usually are not as enjoyable.. hmm haha. but it was fun

same as Eason’s DUO, it got a little quieter at several 各站停靠-only or non-sodagreen songs like 我賴你 and 困在. the response for 城裡的月光 was surprisingly good (younger see was nudging and saying “this one is national anthem, everyone knows how to sing”)

but i want to talk about 無與倫比的美麗. i get sick of songs easily, especially those A-side catchy tunes that radio choose to play. but 無與倫比的美麗 still remains on my playlist

so last night i couldnt explain why but when it started playing i didnt want to sing along but just sat there, and let the whole song engulf me. i found myself chewing on the words “你若擔心你不能飛 你有我的蝴蝶” and “我若擔心我不能飛 我有你的草原” very very beautiful

Mad Sir, Stone Sir

刑警 the gem that got unnoticed because of the hoo-ha over no regrets. now i get why Felix Wong got so angry that the show didnt get as much publicity as the latter. Gun Metal Grey really deserves some attention. the story is tight, the characters are well written and the shots look good. but somehow (or so i believe) there seems to be traces of local tv in it. haha. part of it reminds me of metamorphosis and part unriddle. i dont know whether to feel happy for local tv or sad for tvb. hah. nevertheless will continue with this

finished 11 episodes today. which also explains why my reports are undone


dont know why but went back to dig for 林夕’s Be My Guest interview. As scandalous as Stephen Chan can get or how lousy a host he is, i still like watching Be My Guest

wasnt paying full attention when i first watched it maybe a year ago? all i remember is Stephen Chan asking him if writing lyrics in the point of view of girls sometimes has made him get into character so much that he cannot come out. haha. i know what you are getting at lor Stephen Chan and Lam Jik is not stupid also.

but now to watch again. i realise actually Lam Jik revealed a lot about himself, despite looking extremely nervous; he could not stop fidgeting with the things on the table. i especially like it when he makes references to his lyrics “that time when i wrote this is because i wanted to..”

Lam Jik you are really very interesting

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