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December 19, 2010

haha it’s quite weird to be writing a post on apps but somehow there seems to be lacking in a list of apps which are just plain awesome. okay fine, it’s just a list of apps that I use

1. Plaintext Free
I realise this is actually how i function; i write a hell lot of notes with tidbits of information everywhere. like the pile of memo notes on my desk, so many txt files, the notes function on my old phone, the notes function on touch, stickies on mac (swapped to notational velocity recently) and i’m glad finally there’s something that looks a lot better than the notes app that comes with iOS. and this is also working as my second notebook with sections for ideas, Someday and Todo list.

2. Calvetica Narrow is kind of enough which is also Free
Also to replace the original calendar app. Great colour and coincidentally the same colour scheme as my paper calendar. But i dont have a helvetica handwriting, which makes this look neater than the handwritten one. Using both at the same time. (also the site for this app is very entertaining)

3. Astronut Free to try, it uses in-app purchase, so smart
The game that i cannot stop playing now. the concept is a little like doodle jump, just a lot more fun hah, like a vertical platform game. what i really like is how well the motion of the astronaut mimics travelling in space, especially the spiraling into a nearby planet/star/blackhole. not too sure whether to get the next 20 levels because i cant pass the first 4 levels yet

4. The Incident
my sister was next to me when i played the game and then she asked “you playing mario ah?” wah retro (8 bit) music ah this game. interesting but i dont know if it challenges or frustrates me more. remember how previously when we play platform games, we will tilt the handheld although actually the gameplay is controlled through the buttons you press. we will still tilt it right in thinking that it will help the character to jump right better. this game justifies our actions because your character will move only through tilting of phone

5. Phoster
this is an app to make posters. yes i am as skeptical as you for an app to make posters. why the hell do we need to make posters on the go? but the templates turn out to look so good i cannot resist. for what use? see first

6. Instagram Free
the draw of this app is not that it is a photo processing app but because it is a photo sharing app. flickr is like the serious photo sharing platform and this works more like the casual photo sharing platform. it’s like twitter but you post photos. seems a lot like what Path seeks to do but well who’s using Path neh?

7. 360 Panorama
i used to diss cameras that include panorama functions because for what, just take different shots and stitch them together. and some cameras even need you to align the photos yourself. just take the photos and go home stitch with photoshop lar. but this app really makes good use of the accelerometer. you dont need to take different shots but just move the camera around and it will take the shots itself, stitching into a great panorama view photo. cool now i dont need to get the lomo 360. hah

of course i dont just survive on 7 apps. but the rest are just so common i know you are already using them

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