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Almost the end..

December 20, 2010

seeing Google’s Zeitgeist 2010 and twitter’s Twitter 2010: Year in Review that i realise actually this year is really really almost coming to an end. this dec feels a little different, maybe a little less holiday-like. i’m still heading to school every week, the friends over at the other tertiary are still slogging hard for their exams and the working friends are well all still working

the 22nd year of my life is also almost coming to an end. i like 22. and 22 feels like a humble age. 18, 21 and 25 seem more like milestones. 22, the year of working hard to prove yourself. how it always feel like an age where you start doing big things and living for yourself. i have yet to make a mark for myself. actually there are a lot of things i want to do and have yet to. so let these 4 months not pass so fast


I have lived overseas

I have moved beyond directorial debut to work on a (although not full fledge) second film

My room (the house actually) is undergoing big changes (hopefully to be done by the end of the year)

2011 hi let it not be a tough year

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