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安史之亂 純屬虛構

December 31, 2010

this has to be the fastest year ever in my life (hey the one who told me that your time will fly after 25 years of age, not really wor hah) because it really felt like a month ago when i was going home everyday at 2am and to wake at 6am to film

i only have one wish for myself this coming year: to like myself more

not to up my currently already very high level of narcissism (i know), i want to live for myself more. i want to make choices for myself and not just living for the sake of living up to expectations. or how i want to appear to be like. i know how i always get myself trapped in this kind of thing and it is growing into an unhealthy size (哗众取宠 01:12)

helloooooo 2011

謝謝 你給的讓我沉迷 讓我困住了自己

but thanks for making me a better person

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