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January 4, 2011

像是精神病患寫的詩? 或是煙花綻放的節日?
隨它去吧 我們都只活一次 呼吸呼吸呼吸 呼 一切曳然而止
真理在荒謬被證實以前 都只是暗室裡的裝飾
只有當眼前亮起來了以後 才有機會彰顯它的價值 不是誰能決定的
該漫遊還是衝刺 我們都在海裡 我覺得我們像沙子
你說的亡命之徒 是不是大概就是這個意思

亡命之徒 seems to be talking to me

It is already January. which means i am only left with one month, instead of the initial two which i scheduled myself, to work on the prototype

and it is only till the 4th day of January to realise yes i am in deep shit haha

quoting director Andrew Lau “keep住呢團火”. i think this is a line that i kept with myself these few years, that i should still have a fire burning inside me. is it something that comes with age? that i become more hesitant when making choices. that i need to test water. that i am afraid of failing


i think now with a new year it is good to see it as a start; not yet another month which i have things brought forward from the previous

i am only to just going to live once and so i should not be making compromises on what i want for my life. and it should start with living each day genki-ly (if there is this word hah)


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