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The Bell Curve, That Great Intellectual Fraud

January 12, 2011

i dont know why but the books that i got my hands on recently are somewhat related to probability. maybe because stats and uncertainty are just plain interesting. HAH i love stats gem because

thanks for the A. :D actually it was the one i least expected to do well in. since (as warned by a friend early in the sem) that the class is likely to be populated by engineering students because all of them are seeking refuge in stats in order to not do an arts arts module

but it turned out yays. not that the paper was extremely tricky. or difficult. it was a lot of logical reasoning and common sense. and some brute force counting. sigh i guess it is true that an engineering education does kill the ability to reason. plus the over-reliance on past year papers

okay on the books. The Tipping Point and Outliers. they are great reads. casual enough as bedtime reads so you dont go to bed with a heavy head

was talking to a friend, a math major, on our previous experience doing economics modules. how there would always be moaning when the lecturer delve into the differentiation portion. is it really that difficult? we are not even talking about PDE yet you know

heh heh

okay school tomorrow

i cannot stand this idling anymore

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